ecs30 "Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving" (Summer Session I, 2014)

Instructor: S. Felix Wu

Office: 2109 Watershed Science Building
Telephone: (530) 754-7070
Fax: (530) 752-4767
179 Chemistry, Tue/Thu 02:10 - 04:40 pm

Thu, 2:10-3:50 pm, 179 Chemistry
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Shyhtsun Felix Wu, 2109 Watershed, 754-7070,

Teaching Assistants:
Haochen Wu
Office Hours (for both the instructor and the TAs)

Textbook :
Hanly, Jeri R., and Koffman, Elliot B, Problem Solving and Program Design in C, 7th ed. (older edition perfectly OK) , Addison Wesley, 2013, ISBN-10: 0-13-293649-6, ISBN-13: 978-0-13-293649-1

Course objectives:
learn how to use Unix operating system tools to develop and debug programs, develop expertise in using C programming language, understand the process of writing efficient and robust programs to solve problems.

Course Outline

Math 16A or 21A (may be taken concurrently); prior experience with basic programming concepts recommended.

Homeworks and Exams:

Grading breakdown: Regrading is only considered within two weeks (14 days) from the date return. The request must be submitted in writing.

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